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Excellent material on step-by-step procedures for planning an Adventurer Sabbath can be found in the document attached "Planning the Adventurer Sabbath Program". Other suggestions include:

1. Special speakers for Adventurer Sabbath (approval must be given by pastor):

  • Conference Director

  • Conference Youth Pastor

  • Conference Adventurer Director

  • Youth Pastor

  • Local Pastor

  • Area Coordinators

  • Associate Area Coordinators

  • Adventurer Council Members 

  • Adventurers


Please do yourselves the favor and call them with plenty of advance notice. Also, remember that it costs to travel. Travel expenses for guests from out of town should be reimbursed. Conference, Union and General Conference speakers DO NOT NEED to be compensated.

2. Display crafts and/or posters of what Adventurers do.

3.. Display items that need to be replaced (such as old tents) to the church on Sabbath. After new items have been purchased, show that to the church, also.

4. Put into the church bulletin the Adventurer agenda for the year and news items. You may want to include a form with blanks for church members to fill out if they would like to help with the club. The needs mentioned on Adventurer Sabbath should include monetary needs as well as needs for staff, cooks, counselors on campouts, chaplain, etc.

5. If you will have another registration, share that date, so families know when they could involve their children if they are not already Adventurers.

The offering taken on Adventurer Sabbath should be used for the Adventurer Club. However, permission from the Church Board must be obtained first. 

Remember, the real secret to a successful Adventurer Sabbath is planning ahead and plenty of publicity. Make plans to include more than just the church service. Include Sabbath School, fellowship dinner, afternoon specials, and vespers.

  • Most important, make the day a spiritual blessing for both those attending and the participants. 

  • Have a well-planned program and make sure you start and end on time.

  • Make sure all Adventurers and staff members are in FULL DRESS UNIFORM.



Planning the Adventurer Sabbath Program

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