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The basic Adventurer philosophy requires that Adventurer leaders help the child to understand that the Church loves them, cares for and appreciates them. Club leadership has encouraged, as the basic purpose for the Adventurer Club, the importance of a child understanding the great plan of salvation. The years of Adventuring are the years in which a young person needs to commit himself to a personal walk with God and make his decision with a public declaration through baptism. 

When this decision is made and after the baptism takes place, oftentimes very little is said to help affirm this positive important decision. Realizing that baptism and what it represents is the most important decision of an individual's life, we recommend a two-step Baptismal Recognition Service. 

First, at a club meeting, as soon as possible after an individual is baptized, a special part of the meeting time should be given to recognizing this decision. A “Recognition of Baptism Certificate", available through the Conference Youth Ministries Department, should be filled out and presented with appropriate comments of approval. 

Along with this, a permanent record of this decision should be recorded and displayed in the club meeting room. A parchment scroll or special record book should be signed by the Adventurer, using decorative special ink (gold) with a fancy quill pen (feather or ink pen), used only for this solemn sacred service. 

In addition, a wall plaque should be purchased and displayed where all church members can see it. This plaque should read: 

________________________________________ Adventurer Club (Name of club/church) Realizing the importance of the decision to follow Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, the following Adventurers have been baptized according to the example of Jesus:

Secondly, Baptism Recognition should continue beyond the time of an individual's actual baptism. In fact, since this is the most important decision in a person's life, recognition should follow throughout one's life. It is recommended that each month during the club's spiritual time, attention should be given to those who are celebrating their "Born Again" Birthday. An affirmation of their decision should be made (along with a small gift) by the club chaplain, recognizing those who are celebrating their baptisms--one year, two years, and so on. An appeal to those who haven't given their lives to Christ to study and prepare to do so should be made, and a commitment to those who have been to commit themselves anew. This should be a very sacred and meaningful service (only last a few minutes). Special lighting and background music would be nice. 

At the end of the club meeting, light refreshment could be served in celebration. It could be called a "Re-Birthday Party" or something appropriate. This type of celebration is encouraged in the place of regular birthday parties.


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