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The purpose of the Blessing Service is to encourage and uplift the families of your Adventurer Club. Try this special service during a parent meeting or Adventurer Sabbath. 
The Adventurer Blessing Service is a special ceremony which gives parents the opportunity to bless their children by affirming to them their value in the eyes of their parents and in the eyes of God. During this service, parents recommit themselves to stand by children in good times and in bad times and to always seek to model for their children the great and unfailing love of God. 

The Adventurer Blessing Service consists of the following:

  • Entrance of Families

  • The Tradition of Blessing

  • Readings from Scripture

  • Affirmation of Value

  • Family Pledge

  • Song of Blessing

  • Dedicatory Prayer

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Family, we are family,
Jesus, HeI our God
And I'm so glad He’s brought us all together
I'm so glad that the Father is our God.

We share good times together,
We share the bad times, too.
And we all know our family always loves us
That’s because we were all first loved by You!

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