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Adventurer Club meetings are where all the action happens. Kids play games; make crafts; perform skits; sing songs; learn about nature, health, and their world . . . and lots of other fun and interesting activities. Before you and your team begin planning each meeting, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Meeting Guidelines

  1. Club programming should be fun.

  2. Children shouldn’t be forced to participate or complete an activity.

  3. Activities should be family oriented.

  4. Adventurers don’t need to drill and march. If you do, keep it brief and fun!

  5. All activities should be appropriate for the children’s ages and abilities.

  6. Activities and requirements should be modified to meet the needs of a child with a disability.


90 Minutes Program

OPENING PROGRAM (10 minutes)

Welcome the Little Lambs, Eager Beavers, Busy Bees, Sunbeams, Builders and Helping Hands to Adventurer Club.

  • Pledge of Allegiance (face the flag and stand at attention; they may render the military salute)

  • Pledge to Christian flag (right hand over the heart)

  • Pledge to the Bible (right hand over the heart)

  • Adventurer Pledge (right hand over the heart) 

  • Adventurer Law (hand in front)



  • Adventurer Song


Have a short devotional

  • (make sure it is age appropriate).


  • Little Lamb & Eager Beaver (75 minutes)

  • After the opening program, the Little Lambs and Eager Beavers separate to begin their own activities. The Little Lamb and Eager Beaver Leader’s Guides have detailed plans for leaders of these two levels.

  • Busy Bee, Sunbeam, Builder, & Helping Hand (45 minutes)

  • Busy Bee, Sunbeam, Builder, and Helping Hand levels work on an award or Adventurer Club requirement. See the Leader Guides for each level for detailed lesson plans for each level. These guides include 20 meeting plans, plus two themed meetings.

  • Group Activity for Busy Bees, Sunbeams, Builders, and Helping Hands (30 minutes)

  • This is a great time to get the kids moving. Play a game, do an activity, or complete an award that kids of all ages and skill levels can play. (Note: you can have all levels break for their time and then have group activities for the older kids if that works best.)

CLOSING (5 minutes)

Gather all the children, make announcements, and close with prayer.

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